HPe3000 Freeware and Downloads

All programs, utilities, and command files are supplied as-is. Use them at your own risk. While we have used and tested each utility in our lab there is no guarantee that they will work in all environments.

Instructions for downloading files with .std extensions can be found here.

abortall.txt (3k) Command file to abort all jobs/sessions with exceptions
bigfiles.std (8k) Utility to list files on HP3000 sorted by size. (support for HFS files too!)
clue.std (6k) Utility to list console messages from system logfiles
dateoff.std (36k) Utility to calculate date offsets and store in system variable
dbloadsx.std (157k) HPe3000 Database Load Analysis.
diskusex.txt (1k) Command file to filter diskuse by account or HFS directory
edit.txt (1k) Command file to run editor and text in a file
editauto.txt (9k) Search a fileset for a string and optionally replace characters using EDITOR
err.txt (1k) Command file to translate sybsys and err numbers
fullback.txt (2k) Sample job w/cmds for slt&full backup on one media set
gateup.txt (1k) Job to monitor the status of a gateway (router) and automatically issue a Nettool gateup command when a gateway has been flagged as down
ImageGCC.txt Image header files for GNU gcc programming
kermit.std (46k) File transfer utility
listfdb.std (125k) Utility to print capacity reports for image databases
listprog.txt (1k) Command file shortcut for linkedit / listprog commands
lpreset.std (8k) Utility to dynamically change the logon prompt to display a message *before* users attempt to log on.
p.txt (1k) Easy command file to view/print spool files and/or flat files
preshut.txt (7k) Command script to run prior to shutting down the operating system. Checks to make sure that NMCONFIG is validated, SYSSTART is created by MANAGER.SYS, optionally creates an SLT
qplus.txt (2k) Command file to show active process information
quadauto.txt (20k) Search files for a string and optionally replace characters. (Requires QUAD
setv.txt (1k) Command file to set the WRQ window title & host prompt
sf2html.std (21k) Spool file to html converter
sockets.std (13k) Cobol sockets library with client and server examples
su.std (56k) SuperUser utility. Grants all MPE capabilities and console commands to a job or session. Includes functionality to remove capabilities and console commands allowed for using as a wrapper around specific commands in UDCs and command files.
traceanl.std (94k) Report the top network usage on the HP3000 by IP address and port from a network trace or from a network log (NMLG) file.
treetops.txt (7k) Directory Tree Top Level Usage Report
twoup.std (19k) Utility to print to a hp laser printer 2 up
(11k) Command file to print volume set free space stats

Powerhouse Developer Tools:

Scripts to quickly generate lists in a Query like format. PH506 PH709 PH729 (Select one for your version of Powerhouse.)

Scripts for fast code generation. PH506 PH709 PH729 (Select the one for your version of Powerhouse.)

Quickly generate summary reports. footers.txt (All versions)