Custom High Performance/High Availability BGDSAN

Your Current SANs

Disks, SANs, and tape arrays are aging. They consume a large amount of rack space, waste lots of amps, produce excessive BTUs, and are expensive to maintain. Is it reliable? Do you cringe when a power outage occurs? Are you afraid that disks will not spin up leaving you down for days restoring from tape? Are you spending large parts of your budget to make and store tapes off-site? Are your tape backups any good?

From Beechglen’s decades of providing unmatched OS & technical support, we  identified countless instances where storage failures were to blame for longer and more frequent system downtime and disruption – not the incredible server platforms. To alleviate this pain point, Beechglen develops and builds our own legacy compatible BGDSAN storage arrays to eliminate this frequent disruption and extend your investment in equipment, custom applications, and software – all at comparable or better investment than just maintaining your existing arrays.

A value-added solution providing MORE UPTIME and GREATER RELIABILITY while eliminating costly maintenance!

More Uptime, > Greater Peace of Mind



Beechglen’s BGDSAN offers a replacement for legacy disks and tape storage arrays with new low-cost, high-performance BGDSANs that use FLASH (SSD) or SATA disks and cloud backup solutions.

Using brand new disks, off the shelf hardware, and open source software creates a cost-effective entry point. BGDSANs attach to legacy servers running operating systems not compatible with today’s commercially available SANs. Beechglen’s services include storage migration assistance, implementation consulting, and ongoing maintenance and support.

“Being a user of the BGDSAN, what is the best thing about it? – that I never have to think about it! Always goes, never falters and never crosses my mind that anything is wrong. Great hardware!”  Peter Clark – Mitek USA




  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Very compact, fits in as little as 1U rack space
  • Built with new high-performance SATA Disk Drives or SSDs
  • Open source software, no perpetual licensing fees
  • 10TB SSD space in 1 Rack Unit
  • High performance Fiber Channel Interfaces
  • High Availability clustering and fail over using DRBD



Storage-As-A-Service (STaaS) provided with no upfront capital investment.

We build BGDSANs to your specifications. Contact us for further information based on your custom configuration requirements.


High Availability BGDSAN Case Studies – Hosted and On-Prem Solutions 

Case Study – On-Prem Production Hosting, Disaster Recovery, BGDSAN+DRBD, TripleStore & Mission-Critical Support Solution

Case Study – Production Cloud, SysAdmin, BGDSAN, TripleStore & Mission-Critical Support Solution

Mission-Critical Support
Sys Admin
Cloud Hosting Solutions
D/R Planning
Custom Programming/ Development