Customized Monitoring and Alerting for HP-UX Servers

Over decades supporting HP-UX in the most demanding environments, Beechglen found most monitoring tools lacking in features or too cumbersome. As a result, Beechglen developed AlertTool™, a simplified, comprehensive monitoring and alerting solution for HP9000 and Integrity servers running HP-UX.

AlertTool was built using HP-UX scripts running directly on the server. AlertTool doesn’t require managing and configuring a central management server, complicated installation rollouts, SNMP configuration and security concerns.


AlertTool monitors any or all of these system events, and many others:

**  EMS logs – Alert on new hardware errors  detected by system diagnostics and reported to EMS logs

**  Kernel messages – New kernel messages are monitored and reported

**  syslog errors – User configurable, unlimited set of errors allow you to customize for hardware or software errors you need to know about

**  File system usage – Alert on file systems when usage reaches configurable thresholds

**  LVM mirroring – Monitor for stale extents indicating complete disk failures or even single “bad spots” on disks that are software mirrored

**  Daily Heartbeat – Monitor script sends a daily summary of logged events


Email Lists
Alerts generate an email to a single or multiple email addresses. Unique recipient lists maintained for
immediate alerts and daily notifications.

Deploying AlertTool is no more difficult than: create a user, unpack a tar archive, and add cron jobs.

AlertTool is fully customizable. Have a feature you would like to see included? Tell us and we can write
it for you!

No License
Proactive monitoring is an integral part of software and hardware support. Beechglen includes the
option to run AlertTool on all HP-UX based systems we support.

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