Archive Hosting

Many businesses and organizations are required by law to keep original electronic archive records that are accessible within short periods of time under very important circumstances.

It is often more costly to maintain support on your legacy hardware and software applications for these required, but non-mission critical, components of your IT infrastructure. It is more costly to convert historical data into a SQL database where all business logic and reporting capabilities must be re-engineered.

Be our guest! Let our experienced HP experts take this off your hands. Beechglen will provide instantaneous access to your archive system as if it were still on location. And even better – our HP experts will provide hardware and software maintenance in our state of the art, secure data center allowing you to clear up some office space and have the peace of mind that your archived records are always available in its original format.

Reasons a business may want/need to keep an Archive System for years to come:

  • Regulatory – Healthcare, Critical Infrastructure Maintenance, Taxes, etc.
  • Internal Use – Historical Records
  • Legal – Lawsuits, Accessibility

Issues businesses encounter when keeping an Archive System long periods of time:

Issue 1: OS Basic Knowledge Loss

A company may need to train new IT employees on an “old” operating system. Example: A person with no training is now in charge of the Archive System after the person who knows the system retires.

Some OS basics may be foreign to the new admin, such as:

– HP 3000 backup and STL/CSLT creation

– HP 9000 Backup and Ignite Tape/Image creation

– How to change basic network related items: IP addresses , DNS, emailing, etc.

– How to add/remove users on the system and password management

– How to add, delete, modify printers

– Knowledge and application of possibly hundreds of other various items needed to keep an Archive System running smoothly.


Issue 2: Changing Security Concerns and Vulnerabilities

A company may be obligated to maintain security standards for all components of its IT infrastructure including the Archive System. Even though not in production, the data on the Archive System may still fall under regulatory requirements. Without knowledge about the Archive System and its specifics, a company may not even know the Archive System does not meet its regulatory requirements. Examples: non-encrypted communications – Telnet, NS/VT, FTP, non-encrypted socket application.

Security considerations needing support:

– Password rotation rate

– Disabling unused users

– Additional hardware/software installation to maintain Archive System compliance

– Disposal of the disk drives in a secure manor and other security issues may exists


Issue 3: System Specific and Applications Knowledge

What does each application do?

What jobs are needed to run daily, weekly, monthly, yearly tasks?

What settings are needed to be maintained?


Maintaining an Archive System is critical when data is needed or required to be accessible.


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