Mission-Critical Support


Personalized, expert OS/Applications support, hardware maintenance, and services that fit your mission-critical needs – Maximize uptime/Minimize downtime

Since 1988, Beechglen has built an unmatched reputation assisting enterprises across the country and globe in 24×7 HP-UX and MPE operating system support and services, previously purchasing the MPE/iX Source Code (Multi-Programming Executive/ UNIX interoperability with POSIX compatibility) from Hewlett Packard to carry forward supporting legacy HP 3000/9000 enterprise servers.

Beechglen delivers assistance when it matters most! When you call us, you will speak with a technical engineer immediately and begin working to get your critical applications back up and running. Our team lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps MPE & HP-UX – it’s in our DNA.

We understand that a down system can delay business productivity and cost your business not only lost revenue, but also your intangible reputation in whatever business you operate. While many tend to focus maintenance and support solely on Hardware Failures, far greater occurrences of downtime are caused by Software Failures, Human Error, and Networking – All of which Beechglen provides value-added solutions and unmatched technical support.

Advantages to Beechglen Support:

  • 24×7 Availability – Anyone can call with questions, problems, or issues. There are no limits on who can call! Operators, programmers, consultants/contractors
  • Predictive Monitoring and Health Check Service – As part of support Beechglen provides a wide variety of error, performance, and database monitoring tools, as well as our custom developed call-home software – AlertTool™. We also perform Serviceguard fail-over and patch dependency testing to ensure reliability and fail-over continuity
  • Extensive HP-UX & MPE/iX Hardware Lab – We maintain a lab with one of every type of system we support allowing us to reproduce/isolate problems and test recommended solutions without risking customers’ systems
  • Network Support – Support services include network configuration, debugging, and troubleshooting. Beechglen has developed extensive tracing utilities that map the TCP/IP traffic that the system processes
  • Crash Dump Analysis – We are experts at analyzing crash dumps, machine checks, and PIMINFO data. We have developed custom ADB/GDB/SAT/DAT macros to filter system information in the crash dump files
  • Patch bundling and patch implementation assistance – custom developed patch assessment and dependency tools that fix deficiencies in typical assessments
  • Competitive Pricing – support for all MPE and HP-UX OS and add-on software, including Open Source products
  • Back Up Testing – As part of support at no extra charge, we include system recovery testing. This provides an independent certification that back-up media can recreate the production run-time environment
  • Open Source Applications – We fully support ported Open Source applications Apache, SAMBA, Open SSH, SFTP, BIND and many others
Mission-Critical Support
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