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Production Hosting – Remote/On-Prem, Archive and Archive Data Hosting of your HP3000 or HP9000 made easy!

In a Hybrid World, we bring the Cloud to You!


Why COLO in a data center that does nothing more than rent you rack space?

Beechglen Advantages:

  • We provide all software, hardware, and networking support from personnel already on-site! No more coordinating service calls and delays waiting for technicians to call and schedule arrivals. No more escorting field techs into the data center to the correct rack or server and providing for their oversight and monitoring. No more finger pointing between Colo providers, network engineers, hardware and OS support. Your problem is our problem until it is resolved.
  • No other company offers Hosting, Operating System and Technical Support, Hardware Maintenance, Automated Tapeless Backups, On-site and Off-site Data Storage and Network Support all in one value-packed package for your HP3000 or HP9000 Server.
  • Colo Data Centers cannot compete when they only rent you space. Save time, save money, and save headaches – start getting maximum uptime with Beechglen Cloud Hosting for your Production or Archive HP3000 and HP9000 servers.


What are the advantages of hosting an HP3000 or HP9000 Server at a location that supports hardware, software, networking, and storage?

Beechglen’s Advantages:

  • Faster Response – we are sitting within arm’s reach of the fully redundant data center, ready for anything.
  • Readily Accessible Parts – we locally stock multiple spares of every server and component we are hosting.
  • Automated Hands-free Backups – your team gets notified on the status of every single backup.
  • Direct access to support engineers – when calling Beechglen’s support line, an engineer answers the phone; emailing Beechglen goes directly to our technical staff.
  • Total Package – Beechglen combines services to provide a complete solution in our Hosting offerings


Backups to tape are unreliable and the supply of hardware and media are drying up. Scheduled and on-demand tape mounts by Colo personnel are expensive.

Beechglen’s Advantages:

  • Production data is saved daily and stored in at least three different locations for security. Restoring data from disk is easy to set up and fast to recover.
  • Scheduled and on-demand mounts are included.
  • Archive data is backed up periodically and located in multiple easy to reach locations.
  • Off-site copies of backups are encrypted for security and compliance.
  • Remote/On-site Hosting includes tapeless storage options with support.


Is your business such that you cannot have your data off-site? Beechglen can provide hosting at your site as well!

Beechglen’s Advantages:

  • On-Prem Hosting allows you to keep your data local and under your control.
  • Consolidate/refresh equipment while increasing performance and reliability and reducing risk of failure of older hardware.
  • Software and hardware support is included.
  • Complete working spare server for near-immediate fail-over as an alternative to 4-hour response, on-site support.
  • Reduce footprint, power, and cooling costs and requirements


Additional Hosting options available for BCS or DR configurations:

Business Continuity Service (BCS) and Disaster Recovery (DR) production hosting options:

Beechglen’s Advantages:

  • Real-time data replication to a cluster of two or more BGDSANs for data security and high availability
  • Synchronous replication to a second local BGDSAN
  • Asynchronous replication available for remote data center locations
  • Recovery time decreased from days to minutes.


No hosting requirement is the same – security options, size of disk storage, etc. are all variable. Call us and let’s discuss your needs in a cloud hosting environment.

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