MPE/ix TripleStore

Tired of tape backups? Backup job hangs? Tapes that are off site when you critically need them?

Prices of disc storage now allow for multiple disk backup copies. Backing up to one tape copy is labor intensive, risky, and unreliable. TripleStore as the name suggests, is a process that creates three back up copies:

  • the primary copy is to local user volume MPE/iX storage; this allows for the fastest backup and recovery procedures.

  • a secondary local copy is sent via SFTP to a network connected Linux Appliance.

  • the third copy is then encrypted and placed on removable solid state disk (SSD) to send to secure off site storage.

TripleStore Features: 

+ Uses Online Backup
+ Extends the Reliability and Lifetime of Backups
+ Meets Audit Requirements for Privacy
+ Highly Customizable to your SAN Environment




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