BGDSAN + Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD®)

A Low-Cost, High Availability Solution for Redundancy

Beechglen BGDSAN‘s leverage DRBD to provide a clustered, High Availability solution for legacy HP3000 and HP9000 servers. A BGDSAN with DRBD is a low-cost alternative to expensive redundant SANs. DRBD synchronizes all operating system data and files to a secondary BGDSAN to maintain an up to date back up server at a moments notice. A BGDSAN with DRDB provides peace of mind that upon a hardware failure, there is a working copy ready to go. DRBD has little overhead and no impact to the production server as it operates efficiently and directly between the replicating BGDSANs.


  • DRBD replicates data in real time. Replication occurs continuously, while applications modify the data on the BGDSAN.
  • DRBD transparently replicates data.  The host servers and their applications using the BGDSANs are oblivious to the fact that the data is stored on several storage devices.
  • DRBD can be understood as network based RAID-1.
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