BGD Storage Solutions

Disks, SANs, and tape arrays are aging. They use a large amount of rack space, waste a lot of amps, produce excessive BTUs, and are expensive to maintain. Also, reliability is questionable. No matter if a power outage occurs, disks will not spin up or large parts of your budget is dedicated to store tapes off site, Beechglen has high performance and availability solutions to fit your business’ needs.

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Beechglen’s BGDSAN using FLASH (SSD) or SATA disks and cloud backup solutions offer a replacement for legacy disks and tape storage arrays.



TripleStore is a process that allows for three back up copies to be made. One copy is to a local user volume MPE/iX storage, a second is sent via SFTP to a network connected Linux Appliance, and a third is encrypted and placed on removable solid state disk (SSD) to send to secure off site storage.