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Disks, SANs, and tape arrays are aging. They consume large amounts of rack space, waste a lot of amps, produce excessive BTUs, and are expensive to maintain. Also, reliability is questionable! Whether a power outage occurs, disks will not spin up or large parts of your budget are dedicated to store tapes off-site, Beechglen has developed high-performance and high-availability solutions to fit your business needs and objectives.

From Beechglen’s decades of providing unmatched OS & technical support, we identified countless instances where storage failures were to blame for longer and more frequent system downtime and disruption – not the incredible server platforms. To alleviate this pain point, Beechglen develops and builds our own legacy compatible BGDSAN storage arrays to eliminate this frequent disruption and extend your investment in equipment, custom applications, and software – all at comparable or better investment than just maintaining your existing arrays.


A value-added solution providing MORE UPTIME and GREATER RELIABILITY while eliminating costly maintenance!

More Uptime, > Greater Peace of Mind

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Beechglen’s BGDSAN™ using FLASH (SSD) or SATA disks and cloud backup solutions offer a replacement for legacy disks and tape storage arrays.


TripleStore™ is a process that allows for a minimum of three back up copies to be made. One copy is made to a local user volume, a second is sent via SFTP to a network connected Linux Appliance, and a third is encrypted and placed on removable solid state disk (SSD) to send to secure offsite storage. All automated – eliminating time consuming & manual processes.


What is Storage-as-a-Service?

Storage As A Service or STaaS from Beechglen is a fully managed storage replacement product for legacy systems that requires no capital outlay to implement. Click here to find out more!

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