MPE/iX Operating System/Applications Support

The HP 3000 defines longevity; still performing critical functions and servicing critical applications for many businesses.

Beechglen is one of the few HP 3000 consulting firms that has purchased the MPE source code, strengthening our ability to create and find solutions to any problem.

*** Announcement ***
Click here for Beechglen’s solution to the MPE CALENDAR intrinsic problem where MPE runs out of dates after 12/31/2027. Beechglen patches extend the operating system into January 2038!

Our team of MPE engineers provides more than a century of expertise and has developed a reputation second to none when it comes to the personalized attention and responsiveness each of our customers receive.

Beechglen will keep your HP 3000 running as long as it continues adding value to you and your business. Our operating system support includes:

  • Competitive pricing – support for all MPE OS and add-on software
  • 24×7 availability – Anyone can call with questions, problems, or issues. There are no limits on who can call! operators, programmers, consultants/contractors
  • System monitoring using EMS, Insight Manager, and custom scripts
  • Network troubleshooting and diagnostics/System performance tuning
  • Remote support via modem or VPN Internet access.
  • Patch bundling and patch implementation assistance
  • Customized support services
  • Lab environment testing of patches, workarounds, and drivers before risking customer systems

Beechglen can also integrate custom system administration, encrypted back-up and data management, and disaster recovery for your HP 3000.


‘ Our Service Speaks for Itself ’