10Gb Fiber Ethernet validated for use with BGDSAN replication software

A customer that has fiber cables running from one data center to another asked, “Can we utilize 10Gbit Fiber Ethernet on the replicating software for the point-to-point connection?” We conducted rigorous testing and can officially say “should work” is now confirmed as “works great!”

2, 4 or 8 Gb speeds Fiber channel speeds typically provide sufficient throughput in Legacy servers. With the majority of disk I/O being reads, the connection from one BGDSAN to its replicated pair does not require faster than a 1Gb Ethernet connection to keep pace with synchronous writes among replicating BGDSANs.

We listen to our customer’s needs. 10Gb Fiber Ethernet connectivity is now certified and available for all Beechglen’s BGDSANs Managed Storage-as-a-Service solutions for enhanced point-to-point connectivity. With many Legacy customers choosing Beechglen’s reliable and reasonably priced managed Storage-as-a-Service BGDSANs, count on Beechglen for greater innovation and improved speeds in all of our products and solutions.

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