Why Mirroring of Your Root Volume_Set is More Critical Now


Why would a software support company be warning you to take care to mirror your root volume_set? Well . . . who do you call to assist in reloading the system when a disk fails? When a CSLT/SLT tape is bad or corrupt? Or when you have forgotten how to re-install your server?

Your legacy HP3000 and HP9000 disks are well beyond the manufacturers expected lifespan. It’s not a question of IF they will fail, but WHEN. 18GB SCSI disks were first manufactured around 1998. We barely remember Y2K, but many are still running disks from last century! When your disk fails, does replacing a 20 year disk with another 20 year old disk make any sense or prevent unnecessary risk?

Many companies we talk to have smaller and older disks, meaning they’re even more susceptible to failure. Hardware maintenance providers are replacing all 2, 4 and 9GB drives with 18GB drives because they can’t find older disks and they fail too often due to transportation and other factors.

Mirroring on HP3000 does not mirror the root volume_set. This sets up for a reload situation every time a disk from this set fails. Are you ready to reload?

Beechglen has multiple products to assist when this happens; for example – a SAN that does hardware mirroring specifically configured for legacy servers.

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