Triplestore: MPE Backups In The Cloud

Beechglen’s backup options offer you an easy way to get rid of tapes! You can keep your current backup strategy, whether a daily full backup, daily incremental with a weekly full, month end, or year end. Just point your backup to our disk array and say goodbye to those tapes.

Similar to an array, we install a fibre card, present a virtual disk to the HP3000, update VOLUTIL and send all your backups there. On the array, we zip, encrypt and move it to another disk on the array. We then use this copy to send it to another storage location – whethe a USB stick, an FTP server, or even to Beechglen’s or another DR location to be restored to a 24/7 Disaster Recovery system. These options are only a few of the feasible alternatives.

The possibilities are endless with Triplestore, but not for tapes.