BGDSAN ‘Storage as a Service’ (STaaS) for legacy HP Computers is ahead of the competition: simple, flexible, customized & cost effective.

Beechglen combines decades of experience administering and supporting HP 9000s and HP 3000s to develop a data management solution that is more reliable, secure and time saving for better server operations.

Beechglen’s Advantage:

  • Complete Integration – compatible with legacy HP9000 and HP3000 servers, the BGDSAN is built on a foundation of NEW disks yielding greater reliability, reduced risk, and disk failure elimination. Beechglen’s Storage as a Service designs a NEW BGDSAN specifically for your LEGACY HEWLETT PACKARD server.
  • Disk Failure Elimination – on a daily basis, we’re assisting customers recovering from disk failures resulting from ancient SCSI disks and disk arrays used well past their designed end of life. If you’ve had multiple disk failures recently causing unwanted downtime, STaaS adds immediate value and peace of mind.
  • Eliminate Tapes – tape drives for Legacy HP servers are no longer manufactured – media is hard to find and getting expensive
  • Business Continuity & DR – synchronous and asynchronous data replication solution options
  • Complete Solution – all equipment and support is included on a single consolidated services contract at less than or comparable to the monthly support charges you’re currently paying to maintain 20 year old hardware.

Companies are reluctant to approve capital expenditures on legacy servers.

Beechglen’s Advantage:

  • No CapEx – no capital outlay required for new hardware with full support and loaded with services.
  • As a Service – Beechglen bundles a BGDSAN, SAN software and hardware support, and tapeless backup with all configuration and scripting support as a complete answer to data storage management.
  • Scalable Solution – Beechglen can modify disk storage capacity, memory capacity and/or backup options as business demands change, enabling greater flexibility/scalability.

Beechglen offers new SATA, SAS or SSD disks in our BGDSANs, improving efficiency and extending the useful life of legacy Hewlett Packard servers.

Beechglen’s Advantage:

  • NEW Disks – disks are one of the few mechanical components in legacy servers and many have lived well past their life expectancy with great uncertainty and risk of failure. Disk capacity and performance have changed drastically and continue to change regularly. NEW SATA, SAS and SSD disks are options in the STaaS BGDSAN, providing greater reliability, storage capacity, and life expectancy.
  • Flexibility – easily upgradable storage capacity as needed.

Hewlett Packard DDS3, DDS4 and DLT tape drives are no longer being made.

Beechglen’s Advantage:

  • Beechglen includes a Tapeless Backup product we call TripleStore/Snapshot replacing drives for backups and restores.
  • Speeding up your backups by going to dedicated disk space, encrypting and compressing the backup copy, and moving a copy of the backup to an off-site electronic location you choose, like Dropbox.

Hardware Maintenance included in the monthly service charge.

Beechglen’s Advantage:

  • Beechglen includes all hardware maintenance, 24×7×365 on STaaS hardware. Never worry about hardware tech skillset – Beechglen is the first call to troubleshoot all problems on the BGDSAN. Since we build them, we know the hardware and what needs to be replaced when there is an issue.
  • Beechglen is your partner in determining any issue with the STaaS product.

ALL Software support included.

Beechglen’s Advantage:

  • Beechglen includes all software technical support and maintenance with our STaaS product. This includes the Linux operating system, and scripting to leverage and maximize the Tapeless Backup software.
  • Beechglen is your partner in keeping the BGDSAN at its optimum performance for your benefit.

Monitoring software included.

Beechglen’s Advantage:

  • Beechglen has developed monitoring software with integrated notifications of the backup and general health of the BGDSAN. Reporting is configurable to contact key personnel within your company and Beechglen’s support staff.

Options using the STaaS product for BCS and DR configurations.

Beechglen’s Advantage:

  • BCS configurations take advantage of Synchronous data replication from one STaaS product to another on a local level with complete hardware duplication to reduce recovery time to minutes not hours.
  • DR configurations take advantage of Asynchronous data replication for two or more remote Data Centers to have a DR site available within minutes of a disaster being declared.
  • Combine the BCS and DR configurations using three or more STaaS products for BCS as a local fail over and a DR server to back them up.

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