Our service speaks for itself…

“I’ve always enjoyed support from Beechglen. You guys are GREAT!”
Tim Tsao, EDS

“I just wanted to let you know that your instructions that were included with the tape were excellent. They were the easiest to understand and most complete than any other update that I have done in my 21 years of performing them. Thanks for all of your help on this.”
Bob Jecks, Barjan LLC

“We wanted to thank you for your support and help with this case. YOU AND YOUR TEAM ARE GREAT!!!”
Mary Burress, Levenger

“Just wanted to let you guys know that the disk upgrade/reload went extremely well. Thanks again for all of the assistance. You guys rock! ”
Rick Canter, Prince George’s County Public Schools

“Thanks to you and your staff for providing us with superb support; it’s a privilege to work with all of you. It’s a comfort to know Beechglen’s expertise surpassed our expectations. Virtually every member of Beechglen with whom I’ve had contact has been wonderful”
Sue Swartz, Sparrow Health System

“Our D/R test was a success. Just wanted to thank you guys for preparing, and assisting me in the D/R process. It wouldn’t have been successful without your help. ”
Joe Duran, Casual Male Retail Group

“Thanks for all your great support with this. This is a fine example of why we keep renewing our contract with Beechglen each year and plan to keep on doing so.”
Ken Hansche, Virtua Health

“Thanks again for your assistance, you guys are always top notch”
JP Lagger, Lucas County Ohio

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