System Documentation Tips

Due to the stability of the HP3000 hardware and the MPE operating system, rebooting an HP3000 is an exceptional event. Thus, many system administators and operators don’t remember all of the reboot procedures right off the top of their head. Here are a few ideas for documentation to help avoid problems during future reboots:

  • Who to contact if the system is not responding as expected.
  • Keep a current system configuration listing handy.
  • Point out certain key steps along the way and the normal time it takes to complete. For instance, during a reboot the system will remain in step TEST C200 for quite some time. During this step the memory is being tested. The length of time this step will take is dependent upon the amount of physical memory in the system and the speed of the processor. Knowing how long to expect this step to take will avoid confusion.
  • Document any manual steps that must be performed after the system is up and running that are required to ready the system for production use. This may include bringing up the network, fixing CM KSAM files, etc.
  • Don’t forget some model systems require a key to be in a specific position to allow the console to function properly to reboot. Be sure to include the changing of the keys positions at both the beginning and the end.
  • Automate as many steps as practical into the SYSSTART file to eliminate manual steps. Coupled with an “autoboot” file a it is possible to bring a system up to a fully operational state with just a shutdown and a reset (ctrl-B/RS).