TurboStore Store-to-Disk

HP has included Store-to-Disk functionality with FOS-based TurboStore product, available as an operating system patch in Release 6.0, and 6.5. Prior to this patch, Store-To-Disk (STD) was only available to users who had purchased TurboStore 7×24 Online Backup.

So what is Store-to-Disk and what can I use it for? Simply put, STD utilizes a disk file as your backup media in place of a traditional backup media like DDS or DLT tapes. Moreover, it requires no operator intervention such as autoreply. It is also much faster to back up to a disk than to tapes. Here are several applications for STD technology.

  • Make a backup copy of a payroll database to disk before and after a payroll batch run.
  • Allow programmers the ability to archive a group of source files before beginning projects.
  • Create a single disk file and then transfer via FTP to a server for offline storage to decrease backup time.
  • Eliminate tapes to transfer files between two HP3000s.

Creating or restoring from STD files is actually quite easy. Simply change the DEV=TAPE parameter to DEV=DISC as in the following example. TurboStore does all the rest. You can continue to use all TurboStore parameters that don’t directly apply to tape drives such as STORESET, INTERLEAVE, etc.


To obtain the Store-to-Disk functionality you must have patch MPELX57A or its supersedes installed on your system.