STM Log File Maintenance

In MPE/iX Release 6.5, HP replaced the diagnostic system SYSDIAG with STM (Support Tool Manager.) STM makes heavy use of log files for processing. Over time these STM log files can get very large and require occasional maintenance. If your system is low on disk space, especially on the system volume set, here is a good place to gain some back. The locations of these log files are:

/var/stm/logs/os/log#.raw.cur (where # is a numeric value)
/var/stm/logs/tools/ (There are many small logs in this directory, possibly including a
 separate directory for each system hardware address on the system here depending upon
 the STM tools that have been used.

To remove old log files you can follow this basic process.

:hello manager.sys
:stmshut.diag.sys               Shut down the diagnostic subsystem
:SH                             Enter the  Posix shell
:XEQ SH.HPBIN.SYS -L            Enter the Posix shell if you don't have the Posix UDC set
>cd /var/stm/logs/os/           Change to the log file directory
>ls -l                          List files in current directory
>mv log1.raw.cur log1.raw.old   "move" or rename the old log file
>rm log1.raw.cur                "remove" or purge the file - alternative to rename
>touch log1.raw.cur             Create a new empty file using for STM
>chmod 644 log1.raw.cur         Set the proper file permissions/security access repeat for
                                 log files in this directory or other noted directories
:stmstart.diag.sys              Restart the diagnostic system