PKZip for MPE

Moving data files to and from HP 3000s and other machines is a common occurrence. It is easier to move a large number of files as a single file than to move each file individually. Users of PCs customarily use utilities like PKZIP. Frequently we are asked if there is a PKZIP program that will run on the HP 3000. The answer is yes. You can download a free ZIP and UNZIP from, along with other utilities.

There are other options.

If the target platform for the compressed file is an HP 3000 then you can use MPE specific utilities such as MOVER, UHAUL/ GLUNPACK, or SQUISHER. Patched systems running MPE/iX 6.0 and above can also use then Store-To-Disk capability of STORE.

There is a free utility called LZW that work on many platforms including MPE, DOS/WINDOWS and Unix. You can obtain a copy of LZW from