Important MPE/iX Dates

Hewlett Packard End of Support Dates:

  • 12/31/2010 -End of HP Support for MPE/iX.

Since 1988, Beechglen has provided enterprise MPE/iX & HP-UX phone in support. Cordial and immediate access to our problem resolution team allows us to use extensive experience and resources to deliver immediate attention to our customer base. Individual expert attention is guaranteed for prompt and consistent enterprise support. Recommendations of software, hardware, and network requirements are generated only with your interest in mind.

Beechglen is also one of the few HP3000 consulting firms that has the MPE source code.

We can also offer hardware support well beyond HP’s scheduled end of support date through one of our outstanding Hardware Maintenance partners. We have coverage in most geographic areas. Running a hot-backup system or keeping a cold-backup system at your location are also viable alternatives.

MPE Clock Runs out of New Dates

  • 12/31/2027 – Without Beechglen patches to the MPE Operating System the system clock rolls over to 1/1/1900 on 1/1/2028.

Click here for Beechglen’s solution to the HP CALENDAR intrinsic problem. Beechglen patches extend the operating system into January 2038!

Please contact us with any questions about your support needs