Streamlining Jobs with PAUSE Enhancements

The CI command ‘PAUSE” has been enhanced to delay based on the state of specified jobs or sessions, consequently eliminating elaborate, complex scripts designed to wait for jobs to complete. The new syntax of this command looks like this:

:PAUSE [num_seconds]
[JOB= jobid]

The definition of the status parameters EXIST, WAIT, and NOTEXIST, indicate the command should continue to wait as long as all jobs matching “jobid” are in the designated state as seen in SHOWJOB. The following example waits as long as my compile job exists, waking up every 30 seconds to check the status, and continues with a CIWARN if the pause takes longer than 2 hours (7200 seconds.)

:pause 7200;job='compile,doug.werth';exist;interval=30

This enhancement is available from MPE/ iX 5.5 Express 3 forward. For more information concerning the PAUSE command and any other MPE features, please call and speak to one of our support representatives.