make_recovery creates a bootable system recovery tape for an LVM or whole disk system while it is up and running. When a system has a logical volume layout, the recovery tape will only include data from the root volume group, plus data from any Non-root volume group containing /usr. make_recovery is capable of creating system recovery tapes for all DDS tape devices, with the ability to span multiple tapes. Root-user privileges are required to execute make_recovery. Data which is not in the root volume group is expected to be backed up and recovered using normal backup utilities.

make_recovery recognizes the following options:

-A Specifies that the entire root disk/volume group is to be included in the System Recovery tape. This creates a complete bootable backup of the disk or volume group. In the case of large root disks or volume groups, or when other utilities are used for normal backups, this option should not be used. Instead, the default minimum core OS should be backed up, to recover a minimum system, and then the full recovery should be done from the backups.
-d destination Specifies the device file of a DDS or DLT tape drive where the System Recovery Tape is to be created. A no-rewind device file is required. The default is /dev/rmt/0mn.
-C Create the System status file /var/opt/ignite/recovery/makrec.last. This file reflects the current state of the system. It contains the names, dates of last modification, and checksums of all the files on the tape that are considered “Core OS” files. It may also contain the file information for the user files specified in the /var/opt/ignite/recovery/makrec.append file if the file exists. This option would be used if the user plans to use check_recovery to determine if the system has been changed such that the System Recovery tape needs to be recreated.
Install blank tape into tape drive.

Type: make_recovery -ACd /dev/rmt/0mn
You only need to use the “-d” option if the tape device is at something other than

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