Beechglen HP 3000 Communicator 2028 – Solutions for 2028 and Beyond

Much has been written regarding the demise of the MPE Operating System after December 31, 2027.  First, let us assure you that HP3000 systems will not crash as the clock attempts to roll over from 2027 to 2028. Rather, the system date will become January 1, 1900. While the system may not crash, it should be quite obvious running a mission critical system where the current date is 1900 will cause operational, application, production, and data issues.

Until now . . .

Beechglen has developed patches to the MPE Operating System to extend capabilities to 2038. But, what good is an operating system that runs after 2027 if the compatible storage was manufactured prior to Y2K? Beechglen has other enhancements and solutions to reduce the risk of running HP 3000 systems for years to come.

MPE/iX Release 7.5 Patch Revision 2028

Read all about options for 2028 and beyond here in the HP 3000 Communicator 2028.

Click Here for more information or to discuss certifying your utilities or applications are 2028 compliant.


Note: The ‘Year >2027 Patches’ have been developed as enhancements under the Beechglen Development Inc. MPE/iX Source Code Agreement with Hewlett-Packard. As provided in this agreement, these patches can be provided as enhancements to MPE/iX systems covered under a support or services agreement from Beechglen Development Inc.

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