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Our Commitment to You

Beechglen promises to continue developing services and solutions maximizing the reliability and dependability of these systems into the future. Our unmatched OS support services, admin services, cloud and storage solutions, and disaster recovery solutions are here for Anyone, Anything, Anytime.

Beechglen will continue supporting and evolving HP3000 and HP9000/Integrity systems as long as our customers run on these phenomenal platforms. These systems have two of the best business qualities – unmatched dependability and they’re paid for! Due to lack of OEM investment over the decades, the justification to migrate MPE and HP-UX to x86/AMD64 commodity hardware never materialized.

The server environment is ever-changing – virtualization and cloud computing have completely changed the landscape including decisions on where migrations should land. Choosing applications, on-prem vs. cloud, dedicated or virtual hardware – have all made this more complicated. Choose an open source platform like RedHat – and someone like IBM comes and turns things upside down. 

Meanwhile, your current investment in Legacy HP servers will continue paying reliable dividends vs. an initial sizable investment and regular costly upgrades, in addition to taking on large and unnecessary risks that will likely never materialize nor recognize a positive ROI. 


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