10 Reasons for Beechglen Support for your HP3000 System

1. HPSUSAN reliant applications. Many third party products are coded to a specific HPSUSAN/HPCPUNAME. If your system motherboard or processor is replaced these hardware variables will change and the software will no longer execute. We have a software patch that intercepts the operating system calls and returns the previously registered values for these parameters.

2. New Critical Patches. Beechglen has purchased the MPE/iX source code from HP. We will be releasing patches for securing MPE passwords and various other network patches after 12/31/2010. We will be investigating and repairing any critical OS problems through 2020.

3. Predictive Monitoring, As part of support we provide a wide variety of error, performance, and database monitoring tools. These diagnostics are designed to find and report errors and problems prior to hard failures.

4. Back Up Testing. Over the years of providing support services for the HP3000 and HP9000 platforms the only problem we have not been able to solve have been cases where the back up were incomplete (or non existent), The three most common reasons for reloading from back ups are:
Hardware failure, many of the HP3000s are running on disks that are past the manufacturer design life cycle. Human error, running month end in the middle of the month, restoring over top of production accounts, and many other simple mistakes that lead to restoring from tape. Finally, natural disasters
such as fires, flooding, and electrical surges. Therefore, as part of support at no extra charge we include system recovery testing. This provides an independent certification that back up media can recreate the production run time environment.

5. Crash Dump Analysis. We are experts a t analyzing crash dumps, machine checks, and PIMINFO data. We have developed custom SAT and DAT macros to filter system information in the crash dump files. We have large library of bug catchers to isolate System Abort calls to postpone the actual system abort to a more convenient time for reboot.

6. Network Support. Support services included network configuration, debugging and troubleshooting. Beechglen has developed extensive tracing utilities that map the TCP/IP traffic that the system processes.

7. Open Source Applications. We fully support ported Open Source applications Apache, SAMBA, Open SSH, SFTP, BIND and many others.

8. Extensive HP3000 Hardware Lab. We have one of every type of system we support in our hardware lab. This allows us to isolate problems in a test environment to eliminate hardware as the source of problems. It also allows up to test new hardware combinations such as SCSI to SATA adapters.

9. MPE base release and patch library. We have every MPE release, subsystem, and patch released by HP since 1988. This allows up to recreate any HP3000 production environment permutation. This capability is useful when the customer has no SLT and thus need the OS environment recreated from scratch. Or, customer needs specific older compiler version to accomplish a rebuild of production applications.

10. Back for System Administration. On many occasions we have acted as a backup or firewall for system administrators while they are out sick or on vacation.