Beechglen Services

Beechglen is much more than a support company. Since 1988, Beechglen has partnered with
customers, developing unmatched services, products, and consulting. Anyone, Anything, Anytime

    Mission-Critical Support

  • OS/Applications support and consulting for HP3000 (MPE/iX) / HP9000 and Integrity (10.2,
    11iv1, 11iv2, 11iv3)
  • Predictive Monitoring and Health Check, Extensive HP-UX and MPE/iX Lab, Crash Dump
    Analysis, Network Support, Backup validation, Patch Assessment and Bundling Assistance
  • HP3000, HP9000, and Integrity hardware support/maintenance
  • System Administration

  • HP3000 MPE/iX Administration
  • HP9000 HP-UX Administration
  • Linux Administration
  • System Hosting Solutions

  • Mission-Critical Production Hosting
  • Archive Systems Hosting
  • TripleStore Cloud Storage and Backup
  • Remote Hosting at Customer Site
  • Storage-as-a-Service Solutions

  • HP3000/9000 compatible BGDSANs
  • TripleStore Tapeless backup Tool – to eliminate tape backups
  • TripleStore Appliance
  • Synchronous replication software BGDSANs
  • Asynchronous replication software BGDSANs
  • Sync and Async multi-node replication BGDSANs
  • Long-distance replication BGDSAN installation and testing
  • Disaster Recovery Services and Solutions

  • Hot-Site Disaster Recovery, on demand or hot standby
  • Business Recovery Server for HP-UX
  • CloneLog/iX and CloneLog/UX real-time replication of Image user logs, Eloquence forward logs, and static log files to offsite system.
  • Remote and On-Site Consulting

  • COBOL, MANMAN, Ecometry, Conversions LP ==> pdf files, Upgrade for network access,
    Configuration changes, Job scripting, Programming migration, Web-based applications
  • Upgrading: Hardware (additions and drivers), Software, Fiber
  • Network Changes: Firewall, Domains, Switches, VPN Tunnels