Our values have always been trustworthiness, quality customer service, and respect for our customers, employees, and partners. For 27 years, Beechglen has committed to maximizing the reliability of your MPE/iX or HP-UX systems. We have gathered and created resources about HP-UX and MPE/iX systems to ensure that our customers can understand and appreciate their systems as much as we do, here at Beechglen.



Preventive Maintenance
Proper Patch Installation Verification
Copying Data Utilizing CPIO
Creating a Bootable Recovery Tape
Patch Planning
Leverage DRD on HP-UX to expand the root file system, WITHOUT re-igniting a system
Steps for Creating VG and LVM Manually

Omniback Database Maintenance
Preparing for System Failure

Ignite-UX: The difference between working and not working
Ignite-UX make_recovery
Ignite-UX check_recovery

Managing Mirrors
Mirroring the Root File System and Primary Swap



Beechglen Freeware and Downloads
HP3000 Performance Chart
MPE Error Lookup
Important MPE date
Other MPE/iX related links
MPE Patch Analysis
The Best of Beechglen’s Q & A from the Monthly Newsletter

Text Messaging and Paging from Your HPe3000
E-Mailing Spoolfiles
System Documentation Tips
Properly Preparing Your System for Shutdown
Performance Tip: Pre-allocating Virtual Terminal Servers
Changing Date and Time on your HP3000
Cool Things to do in Logon UDCs
Remote Computing/Modem Tips and Tricks
The Stormy Season
Spool and Flat File Printing Tip
Assigning MPE File Attributes during FTP
Scanning System Log Files
Planning Your Vacation
MPE/iX Time

System Backup Issues
More Backup Thoughts
Speeding up Backups

Command Interpreter:
Piping Info Strings Via Command Files
Streamlining Jobs with New PAUSE Enhancements
Using CI Variables with FTP Commands
CI Scripting Techniques
New LISTFILE Options
A Ping Script for MPE
Making Greater Use of :REDO Functionality

File Management:
File Distribution using WINZIP Format on MPE System
TurboStore Store-To-Disk
Behind the Scenes of the MPE Spool Queue

Hardware Admin:
Dynamic Hardware Configuration Changes
DTC Validation Tip
High Availability Options
Configuring a US Robotics Sportster Modem for the HP3000
Remote DTC Connectivity

Image Transaction Logging and True Online Backup
Jumbo Datasets
Query Tips
Image Enhancements with MPE/iX 6.5 and beyond
Handling Image Database Aborts

Network Troubleshooting from the HP 3000
Evaluating Network Performance
Dynamic Network Printing
Network Throughput

OS Version Info:
The Real Story on Memory Limits for MPE/iX Release 6.5
MPE/iX 7.5 Features
Bugs in MPE/iX 6.5 and above

What does Posix Compliance on my HP3000 do for me?
Editing Bytestream files
Samba Overview

Dynamic File Names in COBOL
How to WEB enable your HP3000 Applications

Viruses, Trojans and Hackers I
Viruses, Trojans and Hackers II
Viruses, Trojans and Hackers III
SFTP Secure File Transfers and Storing Encrypted Data

System Triage
Using SAT
TraceRoute for MPE
Introduction to CSTM
STM Log File Maintenance
Excess I/O Errors in Logs
Preventative Maintenance
Handling System Aborts and System Failures
SLT bug on 9×9 Systems



Beechglen News:
BGDSAN replaces HP Storageworks XP12000 in much smaller space with improved performance.